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Full-Scale Auto Detailing Service

Worried about those scratches and dirt stains that are ruining your classic car's look? No need to worry. Just call Legendary Classic Car Garage LLC and let us transform your vehicle as per your specifications.

Our auto detailing technicians have mastered the art of making vehicles look their best, inside out. Whether it's quick waxing or complete hand detailing, we're here for you and your car.

Our Auto Detailing Service Includes:

  • Detail spray to remove dust and fingerprint
  • Quick auto waxing
  • Interior and exterior details
  • Hand detailing service

Auto Detailing Technicians at Your Doorstep

Legendary Classic Car Garage brings professional auto detailing service to your doorstep; all you have to do is just call us and schedule an appointment as per your convenience.

We also provide Limousine detailing upon request. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our auto detailing service and FREE estimates.
Manufacturer's Warranty on All Auto Parts
Are you looking for a quick auto waxing service? We're here to help. Call us today - we guarantee better prices than any of our local competitors!
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